“I’ve seen this all before”

Déjà vu.

Everyone has experienced it at least once in their life (I know I have).  This phenomenon often leaves someone with a very eerie-off balanced feeling.  There are several different scientific explanations for this.  Most theories are based off of the idea of it being an anomaly of memory, giving the feeling of something being recalled, perceived in a sort of remembering things before they happen kind of way.

“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,”

-The White Queen, Through the Looking-Glass.

Is Lewis Carroll possibly suggesting this phenomenon through the White Queen?

Although it is a very common occurrence, no definite explanations have been formed that fully explain this phenomenon.  However, many theories have been made.

Many theories as to why this happens can be found here.

Vsauce does a great job of explaining this and related phenomena here.


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