The Beauty of Bad Ideas

When confronted with any sort of problem or need, we (as humans) try to solve the problem by giving out good solutions or ideas on how to overcome the challenge as quickly as possible.  Our society continually discourages bad ideas and seemingly useless questions.  However, as strange as it may sound, brainstorming for bad ideas in the beginning of a problem or need-solving process is very beneficial.  Bad Ideas can put the brain into a sort of “creative mode” by “breaking the ice”, which helps people create creative (good) solutions to problems.  At this point, people can get the feeling that there is a high level of challenge (the problem or need that they must overcome) is being met by a high level of skill (ability to be creative with good solutions to this problem or need).  This can put the brain in a state of “Flow”.  This state is a state in which people become truly happy, and leads to more productivity.

This image gives a visual description of challenge versus skill.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi does a great job of explaining “Flow”.

These three different people do a good job of explaining the usefulness of bad ideas in their own ways.

Kevin Brookhouser applied this idea with his class of students:


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