Defined as a deficit of self-awareness or an unawareness of the existence of a certain disability, anosognosia is a condition that few people hear of.  This condition is often accompanied by extreme bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.  There are several explanations as to why it happens, most of them having to do with brain damage.  It has to do less with the sensory neurons and more with the higher-thinking area of the brain.  The more complex neurocognitive neurons.

So, if people with anosognosia are blind to the fact that they don’t know what their disease is, what if you and I both had this disorder?  How would we know?  Who’s to say that we don’t have this disorder?  What if we were completely oblivious of what actually happens.

Good link about Anosognosia:

Describes anatomical reasons for Anosognosia:

Relates Anosognosia into the classroom:


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