How reading stimulates the brain and brain function.


This is an every-day task many of us carry out and have adopted as a part of our life.  If you couldn’t read, you couldn’t understand this blog post.  Reading a novel or literary work is a challenge for some people.  Not because they lack the ability to, but simply because they prefer not to.  The percentage of Americans who have not read a book in the past year is a shocking 28%, although the percentage of Americans who can read is around 98%.  It is often found that the most intelligent people in the world read often.  They don’t read because they are intelligent, rather they are intelligent because they read.  Reading has been found to exercise the brain by causing different areas of the brain to respond to reading in different ways.  It is important to read books that urge free thought and thinking as it helps the brain become more alert and effective in skepticism.

Studies done on the brain’s responses to reading:


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