Have you ever been green with envy?

Jealousy is an emotion that actively effects a person’s motives and goals.  The majority of the time, jealousy results in a negative outcome.  Oftentimes the main source of conflict in a specific book or movie is a result of the jealousy of one character.  For example,  in The Count of Monte Cristo, the character of Danglars frames Dantes and has him placed in jail because he was jealous of Dantes’s success and happiness.

A Japanese study showed that the frontal lobe became more active as people discussed more successful peers that they were jealous of.  Later on, the test subjects were given a story in which the person they were jealous of suffered enormous misfortune.  Not surprisingly, this triggered the reward pathway of the brain and made some subjects feel better.  Some argue that jealousy is a survival tactic in the sense that it motivates people to become better than their peers or rivals.

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