Why Japanese Animation is the Best

If you’ve never seen a Japanese Animation or anime as it is popularly called, you’re missing out.  There are several unique characteristics that allow anime to stand out from american cartoons, TV shows, or movies.

1.  The majority of them have unique, original, plots

Many of the TV shows and movies seen today often have very similar or almost the same plot attached to them.  Very few come up with something unique, and when a unique movie or TV show comes up, it becomes very popular.  With anime, it is guaranteed that the story will be unique and different every time (although some might argue that some of them are very strange stories, they make for interesting ones nevertheless)

2.  The art style is unique

Anime has a very unique, captivating art style that is pleasing to view.

3.  The character development is amazing

One of the most notable features is the character development in anime.  Every character (even the antagonist) has various goals, problems, and every character is relatable.  The audience is able to sympathize with and understand the different characters and their motives.  The audience feels more involved and is interested in what happens to the characters.  This exceptional amount of character development and involvement in the plot is one of the things that sets Japanese animation apart from American animation, TV shows, and movies.

4.  Most of them actually have an ending that is satisfying

Most American made cartoons and TV never end.  They end up being episode after episode of “filler” content.  Overall plot gets lost and useless.  Many American TV shows have an unsatisfying or horrible ending.


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