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The Movie Rocky: A Review

I recently saw the movie Rocky (yes, I know I should’ve seen it earlier) and to be honest I was expecting a bit more out of the movie.  I felt like people over-glorified it as compared to what it was.  The plot seemed very cliché for the most part (Someone getting a shot at doing something big), however the fact that the movie resulted with him losing the match instead of winning made the movie a bit more realistic.  I enjoyed how they had the “loss” end up being a personal victory for the main character.  For the most part, however, the story did not emotionally involve me as much.  There were no high-stakes, I didn’t really care whether or not Rocky won or lost.  The movie was lacking character development for many of the characters.  However overlooking the imperfections, I would give the movie an 8/10.


The American Dream… And Those Who Achieve It

The American Dream has always been a popular idea, from its birth up until today.  The idea being that any man (or woman) can live a prosperous life, by their own sweat blood and tears.  It is often popularized by movies such as Rocky, or books such as Of Mice and Men.  Often there is a varying difference in how hard people are willing to work to achieve their goals in life.  It is often seen that some people are willing to go the distance to achieve their goals, and some quit at the starting line.  It has been found that these individuals that are willing to go the distance have a stronger response to dopamine in the regions of the brain associated with reward, a possible reason for their unending resilience.  In reality, hard work comes down to different individual’s brains.

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